ABAKWA Audition Success in Bamenda – Great Things to Anticipate!

We are proud to share the exciting news that the auditions for the highly anticipated documentary “ABAKWA,” produced in partnership with Dama Films, were a resounding success. The audition day in Bamenda, Cameroon, witnessed an overwhelming response from individuals eager to contribute to this transformative project. With our shared vision of raising awareness and instigating positive change, these auditions marked an important milestone towards creating a better, drug-free future.

On Sunday, September 24th, aspiring actors, volunteers, and individuals dedicated to making a difference gathered at the premises for the auditions. Dama Films team worked diligently to ensure a smooth and engaging audition process for everyone involved. The enthusiasm and passion displayed by all participants were truly inspiring and testament to the strong commitment towards addressing the critical issue of drug addiction and abuse.

With an immense talent pool and dedicated individuals auditioning for “ABAKWA,” we are thrilled to anticipate phenomenal things ahead for this impactful documentary. The combination of Dama Films’ production expertise and the MYF’s commitment to empowering individuals and transforming communities sets the stage for a compelling narrative that will shed light on the devastating consequences of drug abuse.

The MYF firmly believes that by raising awareness, fostering understanding, and highlighting the impact of drug addiction, we can initiate positive change and support those affected by this issue. “ABAKWA” aims to resonate with both individuals and communities, encouraging them to seek help, offer support, and ultimately contribute to creating a drug-free future.

At the Mike Yanou Foundation, our mission remains steadfast in engaging, empowering, and equipping boys to become effective fathers and father figures, ultimately creating prosperous communities with functional families. Through various initiatives, including our BoysEngage program and Drug Free Schools and Communities, we address the root causes of gender-based violence and strive to uplift individuals facing challenges posed by drug and alcohol abuse, mental health issues, domestic violence, and financial struggles.

We extend our utmost gratitude to everyone who participated in the auditions and shared their stories and commitment towards making a difference. Together, we can create a strong network of support and empower individuals to tackle these pressing issues effectively.

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