BoysEngage Artistic Training Workshop

Artistic training organized by the Mike Yanou foundation to empower the young

The Mike Yanou Foundation aims to equip young people with the tools to express who they are and find their purpose. This will ground them in self-confidence and assurance, making them immune to negative influences that could lead to self-destructive habits like drug abuse.

For this reason we, in partnership with APWAL Fine Art Festival, are launching the BoysEngage Artistic Storytellers Workshop, which will run from the 18th of July to the 18th of August, from 9 a.m. to 12 noon on Tuesday to Friday. It’s a free training with limited spaces (10).

Requirements include:

-A ream of paper

-A pencil

-An eraser

-A ruler

Register with the link below

You can donate via Mobile Money:

Momo account 670250757(Mike Yanou Foundation)

Contact us:

Phone Number: 670250757


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