Drug Free School and Communities

The drug free schools and communities project by the Mike Yanou Foundation is one of the main activities of the foundation, which aims to promote drug-free schools and communities in Cameroon. The project involves various components, such as:

Community conversation program: This is a series of events where experts, survivors, and stakeholders share their experiences and insights on drug addiction and prevention. The program also provides a platform for participants to ask questions, exchange ideas, and learn from each other. The program covers topics such as the causes, effects, and solutions of drug addiction, the role of schools and families in prevention, the legal and human rights implications of drug abuse, and the available resources and support for recovery. We organised the event in Buea and Bamenda 2023
School outreach program: This is a program where the foundation visits schools and educates students and teachers about the dangers and consequences of drug use, and the benefits of staying drug-free. The program also engages students and teachers in interactive activities, such as quizzes, games, debates, and role plays, to raise awareness and challenge misconceptions about drugs. The program also distributes flyers, posters, stickers, and badges with messages and slogans that promote drug-free lifestyles. We reached out to over 15 schools in both North West and South West Region in 2023.
Media campaign program: This is a program where the foundation uses various media channels, such as radio, television, newspapers, social media, and billboards, to spread information and awareness about drug addiction and prevention to the general public. The program also features testimonies, interviews, and stories of people who have overcome drug addiction or have been affected by it. The program also encourages people to join the foundation’s cause and support its activities.

The drug free schools and communities project by the Mike Yanou Foundation is a commendable initiative that seeks to make a positive difference in the lives of young people and communities in Cameroon. The project has received recognition and appreciation from various partners and stakeholders, such as the Movendi International Sweden, LACSODEC (Lukmef) Cameroon, Delegation of Social Affiars Bamenda 1 North West Region and Limbe 111 South West Region

Mike Yanou Foundation visits Kingston Secondary Buea
Mike Yanou at St.therese Buea