Harnessing Men’s Involvement for widows wellbeing and inclusion in our communities

An online webinar in commemoration of women’s day 2024


Meeting began with self-introduction from all 30 participants . The official sponsor Madam Hope president of the African Widow Summit opened the session with a narration of her experiences being a widow for over 30years. She equally threw more light of the various challenges widows face which ranges from cultural norms, societal belief among others.  Mr Nche Sam of FOMCAM Community and Mental health talked on the importance of involving men in helping widows, for example using the connections they have to
get them into notable positions, be a voice t o these widows who are oppressed and help them get justice in the society and men should offer both spiritual and psychological support to them. He Further highlighted some of the activities they have done to empower widows through income generating activities to ensure financial and psychological stability.

Another speaker highlighted the importance of prevention where she stressed that it is better to prevent all the issues faced by widows than addressing it. She said one of the best ways of doing this prevention is by making sure that  women engage in educated on their potentials by their husbands. Another  speaker spoke widowhood and disability. She stated that, widowhood is one of the most degrading thing about women and those living with disability are affected the more. It is important to advocate so that women with such challenges are help and protected by the society.

Madam Florence spoke on women and the law where she emphasized that these laws were made by men and implemented on women and it is important to allow women participate in decision making rather than assuming for them. Ma’am Sarifa Sale spoke on the challenges widows especially in the Mbororo minority communities faced and called on action to be taken.

Key take home were;

1. A commitment was made to regularly evaluate the effectiveness of interventions and adjust strategies as needed based on feedback from widows, men and other stakeholders.

2. The importance of on-going communication, collaboration and coordination among all involved parties was emphasised to ensure the sustainability and impact of the initiative over time

3. Establish partnerships with local organisations, businesses or religious institutions to broaden the reach of awareness campaigns and engagement efforts.

4. Conduct outreach activities such as community forums, webinars or social media campaigns.

5. to raise awareness about challenges faced by widows and the role men can play in
addressing them.

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