Networking and Parenting Forum

The Networking and Parenting Forum is another activity of the Mike Yanou Foundation, which aims to foster positive parenting skills and practices among parents and caregivers in Cameroon. Our primarily focus are always women affected by the crisis who face a lot of challenges raising their children. We also pay attention to family heads with disabilities and provide adequate support and referral services. The forum hosts various programs, such as:

– Fatherhood conferences: These are events where fathers and father figures are invited to learn and share about their roles and responsibilities in raising and nurturing their children. The conferences also address the challenges and opportunities that fathers face in their personal and professional lives, and how they can balance them effectively. The conferences also feature speakers, panelists, and mentors who inspire and motivate fathers to be more involved and supportive of their children’s education, health, and well-being.

РParenting meetings: These are meetings where parents and caregivers of different backgrounds and experiences come together to discuss and exchange ideas and tips on how to raise healthy, happy, and successful children. The meetings also provide information and resources on various topics related to parenting, such as child development, nutrition, hygiene, discipline, communication, and safety. The meetings also create a supportive and friendly network of parents and caregivers who can help and encourage each other. 

– Single parenting meetings: These are meetings where single parents and caregivers are given special attention and support to cope with the unique challenges and demands of raising children alone. The meetings also offer guidance and advice on how to deal with issues such as financial stress, emotional stress, social isolation, and stigma. The meetings also empower and celebrate single parents and caregivers for their resilience and dedication to their children.

The Networking and Parenting Forum by the Mike Yanou Foundation is a valuable initiative that seeks to improve the quality of life and well-being of children and families in Cameroon. The forum has received positive feedback and appreciation from the participants and the community, and has also partnered with other organizations and institutions, such as the Academy of African American Fathers Association, to enhance its impact and reach.