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At the Mike Yanou Foundation, we take great pride in the partnerships we have forged with remarkable organizations. Together, we have made significant strides in achieving our shared goals and making a positive impact in our communities. Below, we celebrate the organizations we have collaborated with and still collaborate with to produce the incredible work we have accomplished together.

 Organizations we partner with

 Royalty World is non-Governmental organization based in Buea who aim to reach out to nations, rebuilding them by building people with sound moral values and principles, which can help people discover their unique potential.

They provide coaching to small businesses, translating their ideas into growing sustainable businesses and also help those in need. Their area of focus is on communities. Trying to bring out their skills and talents into reality, they also focus on the girl child providing refuge, safe space and educational opportunities for these children.


Mission; Transforming Communities Through Holistic Education

 The Mike Yanou Foundation has been partnering with Royalty World for more than 4years. In various programs and projects such as;

  • The mile 16 Bolifamba water project ongoing
  • Orphanage visits and donations
  • Giving out books to students
  • Providing a kitchen for the orphanage
  • The Bamenda dignity campaign Community conversation on drug abuse and illicit trafficking
  • We also participated in the Restore her dignity period party. Here, we were given the opportunity to play the video summary of the Bamenda dignity campaign as a means to reach out to more remove boys and engage them.
  • Bolifamba Talent Exhibition and Community play day
  • The drug abuse awareness campaign


  • Sharing of over 520 key holders for the BoysEngage sensitization.
  • We were able to offer training sessions for both the boy and girl child
  • We were able to engage more boys and girls.
  • we were able to reach out to about 1,394 boys and 2000 girls.
  • We reached out to communities in Bamenda such as; Mendankwe, Bambili, Mankon, Bafut.
  • We were able to reach more students, communities, schools, with the help of our drug abuse awareness campaign.

 Zoe Communications is a creative branding and marketing agency communicating for development. Zoe communications is out to give visibility to your organization through its services such as; Event coverage, graphic designing, photography, videography, social media management, drive space and management, branding, offline and digital marketing.


 Mission; Zoe Communications, Giving visibility to your vision.


 The Mike Yanou foundation and Zoe communications have been in partnership for a period of 5 years now. We have partnered and executed programs and projects such as;

  • The Bamenda Dignity campaign; Zoe partnered with the Mike Yanou Foundation to cover the whole event. From graphics, videos, pictures.
  • Zoe Communications contributed in planning the community conversation on drug abuse and illicit trafficking. From designing invitation letters, rollups, flyers, running the drug awareness campaign, to visiting and communicating at various offices, and event coverage.
  • BoysEngage arts training; from the marketing, designs were done by Zoe Communications.
  • Social media management; over the years, our social media platforms such as; Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, twitter are managed by Zoe communications. Including the Mike Yanou Foundation Website.
  • Drive space and management; Where all jobs done and delivered for Mike Yanou Foundation is stored and protected by Zoe Communications.
  • Content marketing; Zoe Communications produce professional content that is been used on our various social media platforms.
  • Zoe Communications Provide graphics, videos and picture services.




  • It increased our level of visibility. We were able to reach out to schools and the students, especially given the fact that such practices are common in schools. We have been able to reach out to more persons and communities.
  • Get few people who understand our course and want to support the organization.
  • We were able to Engage more youths and with this they learnt a lot about drugs and its component not forgetting its harmful effects.
  • Pen Boy happens to be a young Poet specialized in spoken word Art, co-founder of stage life. As a young Artist he is not only out to sell himself and business, but also to help organizations amplify projects through the arts.
  • Due to his dedication to helping society with various projects, he was made the Brand Ambassador of Drug Free Schools and Communities.
  • He partnered with the Mike Yanou foundation in the community conversation on drug abuse and illicit trafficking. Here, he communicates the effects of drug addiction through spoken word Arts.
  • Being the brand ambassador of Drug free schools and communities, he was opportune while on his peace tour in Maroua where he carried out the drug abuse campaign.
  • Pen Boy came up with a work of art which was staged.
  • He also came up with the story of addiction in the form of a poem he created called addiction.
  • He participated in appealing to the public through a video report to kindly send their boys for the BoysEngage Arts Training program, as a means to keep them busy and reduce the level of drug consumption during the holiday period.



  • We were able to reach and engage more people especially from a new zone which happens to be Marou.
  • With this we were able to gain more people who helped to spread the word.
  • These same persons were able to direct persons with such situations to the Mike Yanou Foundation
  •  Blue moon Consultancy outsourcing and consulting


    • Blue moon outsourcing and consulting is a trusted business aimed at outsourcing partners of small, medium, and large companies in Cameroon.
    • Blue moon in partnership with the Mike Yanou Foundation helps provide Mike Yanou Foundation with human resource services.
    • Prepare contracts and possible partnerships.
    • Blue moon also planned the event community conversation on drug abuse and illicit trafficking
    • The BoysEngage orphanage visit was planned by the blue moon.



     We were able to reach out to more businesses and donors who could help take our foundation to the next level

  • 5) APWAL fine Arts

     Apwall partners with the mike Yanou foundation to help engage the boychild by keeping them busy with works of fine Arts during the holidays, as a means to eliminate social ills like drug abuse, peer pressure, stigmatization, vulnerability, and give them a sense of purpose.

    With the partnership of Apwall, we will be oppotuned to showcase the Arts of these students at the Apwall festival.



    We were able to engage and reach out to a good number of boys.