GBV Prevention and Response

The foundation also has other activities that aim to improve the sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) of young people, especially boys and men. Some of these activities are:

– Normalizing menstrual conversation among boys: The foundation educates boys and men about menstruation and its importance for girls’ and women’s health and well-being. The foundation also challenges the negative stereotypes and taboos that surround menstruation and create stigma and discrimination for girls and women. The foundation uses various methods, such as community dialogues,¬† and social media campaigns, to raise awareness and change attitudes and behaviors among boys and men.

– HeForShe program capacitating boys to support women: The foundation is part of the global HeForShe movement, which is a solidarity campaign for gender equality initiated by UN Women. The foundation engages boys and men as advocates and agents of change to achieve gender equality and end violence against women and girls. The foundation provides training and mentoring to boys and men on topics such as human rights, gender norms, sexual and reproductive health, and peacebuilding. The foundation also encourages boys and men to take action and support women and girls in their families, schools, and communities.

– Educating children, boys and girls, on SRHR: The foundation provides comprehensive sexuality education to children, both boys and girls, in schools and communities. The foundation teaches children about their bodies, puberty, hygiene, relationships, consent, and protection from sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies. The foundation also empowers children to make informed and responsible decisions about their sexual and reproductive health and rights.