Mike Yanou at St.therese Buea

 The Mike Yanou Foundation alongside Lesley Foundation reached out to students of Therese Secondary School Buea.

The students had the opportunity to benefit from the Drug Free Schools and Community campaign.

This campaign aimed at creating awareness among the students and the local community about the dangers of drug abuse.

It kicked off with a series of conversations focused on the effects of drug addiction such as; mental health disorders, decline in academic performance as well as poor and unreasonable judgements. As engaging as the conversation was, we went forward to identify various ways in which someone suffering from addiction, can easily came out of it which includes; The person being ready and willing to change, engaging in useful activities, avoiding idleness, talking to a close friend or relative and seeking counseling.

Every Life Counts!

Movendi InternationalUNODC – United Nations Office on Drugs and CrimeUNFPA CameroonThe National Institute on Drug Abuse – NIDAUNHCR CamerounWorld Federation Against Drugs, WFADIntersos

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