Who are We

The Mike Yanou Foundation is a non-profit, civil society Organization established in 2016. The organisation is situated in Buea, GRA Extension South West Region. It was officially registered in 2020 with Registration No. 171G.37/c84/VOLI/SAAJP, with a vision of creating prosperous communities with functional families. Our mission is to engage and empower boys and men by providing comprehensive mental health and psychosocial support, ultimately improving the well-being of individuals, families, and communities. Our areas of intervention are prevention and response to Gender-Based Violence (GBV),  mental health and psychosocial support services for boys and men, inclusion of persons with disabilities, Drug abuse prevention, Livelihood and poverty reduction, and sexual reproductive health. 

The organisation has worked with key partners like the United Nations Population Fund, MENDEM Foundation, and African Widows Summit amongst others on economic empowerment, GBV and Substance abuse mitigation, sexual reproductive health and rights, child protection and community resilience. 

Our work on substance abuse in our country has been recognised by Movendi International an international NGO based in Sweden.

Mike Yanou Foundation operates in the South West Region, littoral Region and North West regions of Cameroon and covers the thematic areas of Fako Division, Mungo Division, Meme, and Mezam Division. We have implemented projects such as normalising menstrual conversation among boys, fatherhood conferences, drug-free schools and communities projects, Organising Community conversations on substance abuse, capacitating the boys and young men on GBV prevention and mitigation, empowering widows: Unlocking Possibilities sponsored by African Widow Summit 2024, Student in Artivism sponsored, Improving psychosocial support services to the Bokova orphanage and Bokova W.A.S.H project


We Are Non Profit Organization

The foundation uses its vision to advocate for gender equality and inclusion of girls and women in various ways, such as:

– Educating and sensitizing boys and men on the importance of respecting and supporting girls and women’s rights, dignity, and well-being.
– Challenging and changing the negative stereotypes and norms that affect girls and women, such as violence, discrimination, and stigma.
– Engaging boys and men as advocates and agents of change to achieve gender equality and end violence against women and girls, in collaboration with the global HeForShe movement

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Mike Yanou Foundation (MYF) is a unique pro gender-equality organization engaging boys and young men to build Prosperous communities with functional families in Cameroon.