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Our Vision

Nurturing prosperous communities with functional families

Drug Free Schools and Communities

The Drug-Free Schools & Communities intervention aims to combat drug abuse within schools and communities in Cameroon. It addresses substance misuse, a pressing issue affecting youth, by promoting awareness, seminars and advocacy. Through this intervention, we reach out to survivors of addiction with mental health psychosocial support services. We also hold community conversations to talk about the ills of substance abuse within our communities and best practices to reduce substance abuse.

Economic Empowerment

The Mike Yanou Foundation’s vision is to ensure prosperous communities where every individual has the chance to lead a fulfilling life. Through our Economic Empowerment Program, we are not just offering temporary aid but are investing in the long-term growth and empowerment of adolescents, widows, persons with disabilities, men, and minority groups in our communities

Parenting and Networking Forum

Our parenting and networking forum serves a vital purpose in supporting parents and communities facing challenging circumstances in raising their children. It provides a platform for parents, caregivers and children to connect, share experiences, and exchange valuable advice on raising children within an unstable environment, such as during dysfunctional homes, conflicts, or economic crises. Networking within these forums facilitates the exchange of best practices that enhance growth within the home. By connecting with different stakeholders, the forum enhances access to critical assistance and empowers parents to better protect and provide for their children. Lastly, through this forum we hold fatherhood conferences and training to educate and train caregivers on how to become effective fathers and fatherly figures

GBV Response and Prevention

The foundation has implemented several projects, such as normalising menstrual conversations among boys, educating women about menstruation in crises, and awareness raising of widows' rights and well-being. These projects are designed to educate and sensitize the community, especially boys and young men, on respecting and supporting women's rights and well-being. We also organize drug-free schools and communities programs aiming to prevent and reduce substance misuse among youth and young adults. We support survivors of violence and drug abuse with the necessary mental health and support they need.


It is a transformative initiative aimed at engaging boys and men in Cameroon to promote gender equality and combat gender-based violence (GBV) and drug abuse. Through our BoysEngage interventions, we address challenging and harmful stereotypes and encourage positive values such as respect and empathy. BoysEngage is not just an awareness campaign but a movement towards responsible fatherhood, aiming to create functional families and prosperous communities. It has made a notable impact, reaching thousands and fostering a culture of respect and equality.

Our Mission

We inspire, engage and empower boys and men by providing them with comprehensive mental health and psychosocial support to improve the wellbeing of individuals, families and communities.

Our Goal

Our goal is to make a difference in families and communities by inspiring, engaging and empowering boys and young men to build partnerships and drive actions on pressing psychosocial and socio-economic challenges including drug abuse, GBV, absentee father and fatherly figures, economic growth, and more.

Our Core Values


We act responsibly towards our colleagues, partners, beneficiaries, our society and those who don’t share the same opinion with


We are committed to bold objectives, take initiative, learn from our mistakes and see change as an opportunity.


We say what we mean, and we acknowledge and take responsibility for our actions, products, decisions and policies.

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Meet Our Team

Meet our Beautiful team

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Executive Director

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Finance and Administrative Officer

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Programs Manager

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⁠Gender and Livelihood Officer