Parenting and Networking Forum

Our parenting and networking forum serves a vital purpose in supporting parents and communities facing challenging circumstances in raising their children. It provides a platform for parents, caregivers and children to connect, share experiences, and exchange valuable advice on raising children within an unstable environment, such as during dysfunctional homes, conflicts, or economic crises. Networking within these forums facilitates the exchange of best practices that enhance growth within the home.Through the forum we run activities such as

Fatherhood conferences: It is a pivotal event that promotes responsible fatherhood and male involvement in nurturing functional families. It’s part of the BoysEngage initiative, aiming to empower men with parenting skills, gender equality awareness, and strategies to prevent gender-based violence. The conference features interactive sessions, expert talks, and workshops, fostering a community dialogue on the essence of fatherhood. Participants include diverse community members who share experiences and insights on positive masculinity and its impact on society. This event aligns with the foundation’s mission to support mental health, combat substance abuse, and advocate for women’s and children’s rights. Celebrating fatherhood’s vital role in community prosperity. 

Single Parenting Sessions:  It is a transformative platform for single mothers, widows, and female caregivers. It’s a space where they gather to share parenting experiences and tackle the unique challenges they face. The forum is particularly focused on educating participants on how to fill the fatherly gap in their homes. This is crucial for helping their children, especially boys, to grow into effective fathers and fatherly figures. Through these meetings, the foundation fosters a supportive community that empowers women to raise resilient and responsible future generations. The initiative aligns with the foundation’s commitment to nurturing functional families and prosperous communities, emphasizing the importance of both maternal and paternal roles in child development. 

Parenting Training: We focus on building caregivers skills on positive parenting and sharing best practices. We hold these sessions on-site and remotely especially within conflict zones of the Country to aid displaced families