Drug Free Schools and Communities

Drug abuse and its prevalence within Cameroon is an aged old problem which has over the years eaten into the socio-cultural and developmental structure of the country. The socio-political crisis in the North West and South West regions, refugees from the Central African Republic in the East region and Boko Haram terrorists in the Far North region have psychologically destabilized many persons, forcing them to become drug users. The Mike Yanou Foundation’s Drug-Free Schools and Communities interventions are comprehensive programs aimed at promoting drug-free environments in Cameroon. Here’s an overview of our key activities:

1. Community Conversation on Substance Abuse: This involves events where experts, survivors, and stakeholders discuss drug addiction and prevention. The community conversation model provides a platform for open and inclusive discussions where individuals can share their experiences, concerns, and ideas related to substance abuse. These conversations aim to promote understanding, raise awareness, and foster a supportive environment for individuals affected by substance abuse.

2. School and Communities Outreach: We visit schools and communities to strengthen their capacities of drug abuse prevention and control through awareness creation. We also strengthen the capacities of families, school teachers and head teachers to address substance-related issues in their schools and homes. Lastly, we work with renowned artists like Boris Alemnge a spoken word Artist to push our campaigns through his national and international tours. 

3. Media Campaign Program: we utilize various media channels to spread awareness about drug addiction and prevention. The campaign features testimonies, interviews, and stories of individuals affected by drug addiction, encouraging public support for the foundation’s cause.