Community Conversation Event – Drug Free Schools and Communities



The purpose of the community conversation on drug abuse was to create a safe and respectful space for people to share their experiences, opinions, and concerns about substance misuse and its impact on their lives and communities. The conversation aimed to raise awareness, reduce stigma, and promote dialogue among people who use drugs, their families, friends, and service providers. The conversation also provided information, and support for people who want to prevent or reduce drug use or seek treatment and recovery. We have over 58 stakeholders who came to share their thoughts and ideas about drug abuse and illicit trafficking. The punchline of the day was given by Coach Mbella who said, “You are either addicted or affected”. Many recommendations where made as stakeholders demanded that more community conversations be held in schools and communities. Some suggested that MYK should advocate for a drug abuse session in the slot of the country’s educational system which will be a way to keep awareness and sensitisation running.

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