The Mike Yanou Foundation’s BoysEngage program is a transformative initiative aimed at engaging boys and men in Cameroon to promote gender equality and combat gender-based violence (GBV) and drug abuse. Through BoysEngage Campaigns, the foundation challenges harmful stereotypes and encourages positive values such as respect and empathy. The  program is an innovative and impactful initiative that seeks to transform the lives of boys and men in Cameroon, and to promote gender equality and social justice. 

The main objective is to create a safe space where vulnerable boys and young men below 25 years can express themselves, and get psycho-social support and a better means of livelihood which will in turn better the family. BoysEngage is not just an awareness campaign but a movement towards responsible fatherhood, aiming to create functional families and prosperous communities. It has made a notable impact, reaching thousands and fostering a culture of respect and equality. The foundation’s efforts are internationally recognized, showcasing their dedication to societal transformation and support for the vulnerable. We run activities under this program such as: 

– Awaken him campaigns: These are campaigns that aim to raise awareness and challenge the negative stereotypes and norms that affect boys and men in the society, such as violence, aggression, substance abuse, and gender inequality. The campaigns also inspire and motivate boys and men to embrace positive values and behaviors, such as respect, responsibility, empathy, and leadership.

– BoysEngage skill training: This is a training program that uses arts and creativity as a tool to educate and empower boys and men on various income generating activities. We equally use this as a means to educate them on issues, such as drug prevention, human rights, sexual and reproductive health, and peacebuilding. The training program also helps boys and men to develop their talents and skills, such as painting, drawing, music, and poetry.

– GBV awareness campaigns: These are campaigns that aim to prevent and combat gender-based violence (GBV) in schools and communities, by educating and sensitizing boys and men comprehensivley on the causes and consequences of GBV, and the role they can play to end it. The campaigns also provide support and referral services to the survivors and perpetrators of GBV, and advocate for legal and policy reforms to protect the rights and dignity of women and girls.