Positive Masculinity and Sexual Reproductive Health and Right

Men and boys need to acquire knowledge about body changes and personal hygiene during puberty and adolescence; and what to expect versus the experiences of girls. This strikes a balance to allow males to also feel confident in their bodies. Men and boys must also learn how women and girls relieve menstrual pain and manage their periods because it gives them tips on how they can be more helpful to girls and women, uplifting them to have happy and healthy periods.

In training and discussions, the focus can be on the reproductive systems of both males and females, including the menstrual cycle. This gives information on the functions of the different anatomical parts of the reproductive systems and how they function. Men and boys can understand how the menstrual cycle works and how women and girls feel at the different stages so that they can sensitise, make informed decisions, provide emotional and financial support, and link them to appropriate health providers.