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Creating safe space where vulnerable boys and men can feel free to come express themselves and get psychosocial support.

Economic Inclusion and Micro Loans

MYF provides economic inclusion programs such as career orientation and mentorship, as well as micro loans to empower boys to become self-sufficient and financially responsible.

Networking and Parenting Forum

MYF provides networking opportunities for boys to connect with positive role models and establish meaningful relationships. They also organize parenting forums to equip parents with the necessary skills to raise responsible and effective fathers and father figures.

Drug Free School and Communities

This project aims to tackle drug and alcohol abuse among students in schools. MYF plans to collect statistics, create awareness, provide safe space and psychosocial support.

Rehabilitation Center Project

MYF has a long-term goal of building a rehabilitation center to provide Psychosocial Support and Safe Spaces where boys can discuss their challenges and find solutions. These centre aims to address mental health, domestic violence, and drug/alcohol abuse.

Sensitization and Awareness Programs

MYF conducts sensitization and awareness programs to educate boys and the community on various issues such as mental health, domestic violence, and drug/alcohol abuse by developing programs to be broadcasted on both social and traditional media.

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