Harnessing Men’s Involvement for Widows’ Wellbeing and Inclusion in Our Communities.

During our community intervention focused on widows in Mezam Divison in April 2024, a major challenge recorded during this session was around dowry refund and remarriage for widows; According to some, their culture makes it very difficult for a wife to re-marry after her husband’s death and if she bears other children it belongs to the deceased husband; Still within the cultural framework, dowry refund is becoming complicated when a woman wants to remarry because the culture states that dowry must be refunded to the widow’s late husband which is practically impossible ad this leaves the women bound in a union with the deceased without her volition.

In handling such a challenge we realise that the role of men is a vital aspect which can not be left out. Join us at The African Widows Summit from June 20th- June 22, 2024, in Zanzibar, Tanzania as the Executive Director of the Mike Yanou Foundation alongside other stakeholders will be discussing the importance of Men improvement in helping Widows overcome their challenges.