Students in Artivism

Helping children in discovering and building their inborn talents is very important, especially within the context of the Crisis which comes with a lot of challenges.

Continue supporting us in this transformative journey where art meets activism, and voices of the youth echo with creativity and passion. We the Mike Yanou Foundation, in collaboration with Stage Life, are proud to present the Students in Activism Project.

🌟From January to November 2024 🌟

Empowering 100 students in the Northwest & Southwest regions of Cameroon, aged 12 to 18 years, through the powerful medium of Artistic Expression.

📅 Every Wednesday at 2 PM

📍 Bofompa-Mile16

Be part of a movement that nurtures the leaders of tomorrow by providing them a stage today. Let’s shape a future where every student can make their mark on the world through the arts.