The African Widows Summit (TAWS) Cameroon

In a significant move for social justice, the Minister of Women Empowerment and Family in Cameroon, HE Mme Abena Ondia nee Obama Marie Thèrese, pledged full support for the upcoming African Widows Summit (TAWS), to be held in Zanzibar, Tanzania, from June 20-22, 2024. This commitment was solidified during a meaningful work session with the TAWS Cameroon Secretariat, where they discussed the nation’s proactive role in promoting the welfare of widows in Cameroon.

The session highlighted the plight of widows such as limited socio-economic and political empowerment. Best practices and strategies to alleviate their well-being were explored, identifying areas that require further improvement. TAWS Cameroon stands at the forefront of this movement, representing a dynamic network of women-led associations dedicated to transforming the lives of widows not just in Cameroon but across the African continent.

In attendance were Mme Gladys Viban of Soroptimist International, Mme Nicholine Musi of the Mike Yanou Foundation and Barrister Nsen Abeng of Civitas Cameroon.

As TAWS Cameroon prepares for the Zanzibar summit, it continues to embark on holistic and sustainable initiatives. These initiatives are geared towards promoting the rights of widows, ensuring their welfare, and securing their rightful place in society as valued and empowered individuals. The upcoming summit is a beacon of hope, set to amplify the voices of widows and catalyse change across Africa.