Empowering Boys and Men

As we continue to recover from the ongoing anglophone crisis, most men have lost or abandoned their jobs because of the socio-political instability in these regions. Those working in the agricultural sector have experienced a steady reduction in their incomes as a result of low agricultural output. Education within these zones remains a challenge, causing isolation and lack of purpose experienced by most adolescents. All these have generated negative coping strategies as a means of survival such as child labour, child exploitation, armed robbery, an increase in the rate of violence, high level of drug trafficking by some young men as a means to sustain their livelihood.

How best do we support boys and men to address these adversities?

One method we have adopted as an organisation is promoting skill acquisition and building to help enhance the capacity of these boys and men which aid them engage in different income generation activities to help reduce poverty and hunger in their homes thereby promoting a community free from societal ills and crimes.

Empowering boys and men for a better tomorrow

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