Nigeria African Widows Summit Virtual Briefing Discussion

No one should be left behind!!

Mike Yanou Foundation argues that widows are a significant and often neglected group in society, who face many challenges and barriers, but also have the potential to contribute to community development and humanitarianism.

According to the UN, there are more than 258 million widows around the world, and many of them live in poverty, discrimination, and violence. In many countries, widows do not have equal inheritance rights, and they may be stripped of their land, evicted from their homes, or even separated from their children.

They may also face social stigma, stereotypes, and harmful traditional practices, such as widow cleansing or forced remarriage. These factors limit their access to education, health, employment, and social protection, and increase their risk of HIV, sexual and gender-based violence, and mental health problems.

It also emphasises the resilience and resourcefulness of widows and calls for their empowerment and support through various measures.

The Executive Director of the Mike Yanou Foundation will join the African Widow Summit on Nigeria TAWS virtual Briefing Discussants geared toward empowering widows, as we can also indirectly empower their children, their families, and their communities to achieve Sustainable Developments.